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“Dr. Meghan Walker is an authentic and compassionate leader in integrative health. She is one heck of a speaker, her passion, confidence, and enthusiasm for women’s health are contagious. What I love about Meghan, is that she takes complex topics and makes them easy to understand. After attending Meghan’s workshop on women’s health I took away at least three actionable steps towards building more balance in my life. I can’t wait to see what she cooks up next!” – Melissa Leithwood Ph.D Cand.

“Dr. Meghan Walker absolutely delighted our ParticipACTION team. She was knowledgeable, spoke with experience, demonstrated expertise, was clever and warm, read the audience well, and provided a highly interactive, value-add experience. Every member of our team rated her a 10 out of 10. As an organization, we will work with her again and, as individuals, many of us will see her in her clinic.

We like her.
We respect her.
We trust her.

With the utmost confidence, I would recommend Dr. Walker to other groups and organizations.– Kelly D. Murumets, President & CEO ParticipACTION





Upcoming Events, Talks & Webinars

Webinars 2015

Banishing Brain fog…. forever

Brain Fog or lack of mental clarity is a significant challenge to managing life and performing at your highest capacity. Whether you are a new mom or a busy executive, your lifestyle choices are either helping or hampering your symptoms. This FREE webinar will focus on:

The top 5 foods that contribute to brain fog
The best nutrition for optimal brain functionality
Lifestyle hacks to optimize focus and energy
Strategic supplementation to optimize your creative genius

Thursday May 7th, 8pm

Register here: Yes please. I’d like to register for this live event. 

Live Events 2015

Wellness Business Summit 2015

Ontario Science Centre, March 6-8th 2015 – Building your Dream Practice

We all have a vision for our practice. Whether it be online, as an associate in a larger practice or by building a clinic of your own, initiating a business model takes courage and foresight.

With each possibility there are unique challenges, revenue potentials and scales of impact. With the goal of blueprinting a purposeful and profitable practice, we will break down the costs, steps, revenue potential, lifestyle benefits and social impact of each model.


Toronto Ontario, March 30th, 2015 – Epigenetics and Genetic testing in clinical practice

We have only scratched the surface of how genetic information will impact clinical decisions and individualized medicine.  Our panel discussion will look at how we are using this tool in practice to help refine the art and science of customized medicine.

Focus: A Workshop

iQ Office Suites, 140 Yonge Street Toronto Ontario, April 2nd, 2015

Focus is what differentiates the good from the utterly amazing. We live in an unprecedented era of distraction. From our food to Facebook, our world is constantly challenging us to remain aligned to our purpose, kids and career. Performance coach Susan Hobson and naturopathic doctor Meghan Walker are back to provide you with specific tips to focus your psychology and physiology on what matters most. This workshop is open to all iQ Office members, RSVP

Stress: A Workshop

RBC HQ, Toronto Ontario, April 6th, 2015 – Stress? Who’s stressed? A Workshop

Stressed? Everyone is. Stress among workers aged 30-55 is the most significant lifestyle obstacle to optimal health, productivity and positive psychology. The physiological changes associated with stress interfere with our capacity to focus, lose weight and execute at our highest potential. Managing stress is not just about controlling your work or your boss, it can also be about controlling your own physiology.

Join us for a discussion about how to maximize your body’s resilience to stress.

We will give you tools to:

Decrease the anxiety stress promotes in stressful situations

Address the fatigue that is associated with chronic stress

Mitigate the long-term effects and risks associated with chronic stress

Optimize your capacity to focus at work and in life

American Association of Naturopathic Physicians – 2015 Conference

Oaklands Ca, August 5-8 2015
Panel Presentation – A new, progressive model of practice

Running a practice is not what it used to be. New tools to manage and attract patients can lower your costs and open you to a new model of running your business. Technology doesn’t have to be scary, in fact, it could be the difference between an average and a thriving practice.