I treat a lot of people who are managing  stress. Busy careers, kids, parents, goals – they are all balls in the air that require your attention. The balls are plentiful and important. As I explore the sources of one’s stress, there is one cause that I find both recurrent and infuriating; workplace bullying. This is not a one-time event. It is pervasive. If you are in a leadership position, you need to be aware of the profound impact this may having on your team. If you are a victim of workplace bullying, you need to read the wisdom of Seth Godin, outlined below.

Thank, as usual for your wisdom Seth Godin…

Bullies can’t be bullies when they are alone.

If you work with a bully, this is all you need to know. They need you.

A bully is someone who uses physical or psychological force to demean and demoralize someone else. A bully isn’t challenging your ideas, or working with you to find a better outcome. A bully is playing a game, one that he or she enjoys and needs. You’re welcome to play this game if it makes you happy, but for most people, it will make you miserable. So don’t.

The way to work with a bully is not to try to please her or to question the quality of your work or to appease her or to hide from her.

The way to work with a bully is to take the ball and go home. First time, every time.

When there’s no ball, there’s no game. Bullies hate that. So they’ll either behave so they can play with you or they’ll go bully someone else.

Call her on her behavior (not who she is, but what she does). “I’m sorry, but when you talk to me like that, I’m unable to do good work. I’ll be in my office if you need me.” Then walk out, not in a huff, but with a measure of respect for the person (not the behavior).

This is a shocking piece of advice. It might even get you fired. But it will probably save your job and your sanity. Most bullies are deeply unhappy and you might just save their skin. If you’re good at what you do, you deserve better than a bully.

When you experience a bully, take their ball and leave it in the garage. The other balls you are juggling are more important and worthy of your limited time and care.

I am off for a week of vacation. Yay! See you at the end of March





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Meghan Walker

It is March. It is -12 with a windchill of -20. I have already tweeted Mother Nature twice to remind her that things usually start to warm up this time of year.  She assured me that she will start the thaw next week. I suppose this is some form of progress.

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that this has been a particularly grueling winter. Much of my interaction with clients over the past few weeks has been in the development of a plan to help overcome and overwhelming feeling of blah.  Blah, by the way, is part of official medical vernacular. While diet, foundational supplements and a little exercise will likely keep you going, I think there is a lot to be said for simply adding some fun and colour to your world. Try some new foods, cut your hair, or add some funky new pillows to your bed (gentlemen, please forgive me for that).

Like tulips and other reminders of spring. Creating some purposeful change will shift your outlook and your physiology. Go try on something new!

In the spirit of spring makeovers, I have decided to revamp and update my website. The new branding, supplement line and YouTube Channel will be unfolding over the next few weeks.

Here is a sneak peak at the new look.


I am looking forward to seeing the bright new you very soon.


2014 is all about YOU

How are they coming, those resolutions, those goals, those big plans for 2014? As the snow and slush pile up once again it is sometimes difficult to upload the motivation that had inspired our newly sculpted New Year’s resolutions. Change, especially the kind that makes us healthier, is fraught with challenge. Healthy changes mean modifying routines, cooking new meals and enduring the initial discomfort of newly discovered muscles. We are all encouraged to change our lives for different reasons and we all have a different story we tell ourselves about how this year will be different.

For many of us, our most common excuse is not necessarily a lack of motivation, but a lack of resources. Insufficient time and funding top the list of cited causes for resolution meltdowns. The truth in managing the achievement of our goals is not necessarily by acquiring more resources, but in tapping into our ability to become more resourceful. Making change in 2014 is not dependent on the size of your bank account, or the brand of your shoes, your resolution destiny is entirely dependent on the resourcefulness of your spirit. 2014 is about YOU and can be the year that changes your life, not because you went to the gym, ate more green vegetables or endeavored to be more punctual, but because you resolved to make your life meaningful with what you have. Achievements of the human spirit do not usually start with the wealth of time or money, but rather with the resourcefulness that accompanies the emotion of determination.

With Kindness and wishes for success,




Finding the psychological state required for success and supporting the physiology that will keep you in your zone are pre-requisites to effective resource utilization. Need help with this? Check out this one-time offer. Valued at over $250, performance coach, Susan L Hobson and myself have teamed up to provide the ultimate in Resolution Solutions. Our workshop is completely free and limited to 10, highly motivated participants. Change the way you think, feel and achieve. The Resolution Solution Event is happening live, in Toronto, January 30th.

Check it out here or download this super groovy PDF version of the Resolution Solution Event  poster.


i am sick for the bazillionth time this year

This is a low point in my career. I pride myself in walking the talk and lately I feel like I have been treading in a soup of stress and tissue. I was warned that this would happen. I have two kids under two, work full time and frequently trade time with my pillow for a meaningful relationship with my inbox. I firmly believe I am living the dream; I have a beautiful family, a sense of purpose but lately, unrelenting disease.

I work with people everyday, sharing strategies for managing stress, reducing the physiological burden of over-commitment and devising strategies to ensure healthful nutrition in the face of hectic and relentless commitments. I believe in balance, checking-in and listening to your body, so how the heck did I get here? Six words: I took my health for granted!

In the face of a jam-packed Outlook calendar, I have always pushed on with the fundamental belief that my immune system is impenetrable. For as along as I can remember, it has been a consistent ally in my quest to manage it all. Two weeks ago when my slightly runny nose developed into a cough and then a sinus infection and then a cold and then a sinus infection, I was at a loss. This happens to other people, not me. I had failed to execute the most fundamental intervention in my arsenal, good sleep, good food and cuddles. No excuses, if your body is starting to tell you that it needs attention, proceed at your own risk.

We wouldn’t ignore the gas light for days or weeks at a time. In the very least, we wouldn’t be surprised if our ignorance of the warning light resulted in our car being side-lined because we had run out of fuel. So why do we treat our most precious asset, our health, with the disregard afforded to that old clunker, hand-me-down car.

With a little self-care and most importantly, self-awareness, I am back on track. I went to bed at a reasonable hour, took the time to prepare real, green, nutrient dense food and traded an out of office reply for a day of play with my girls. It was a start, and my body and spirit soaked it up.

When you gas light is flashing, you WILL run out of fuel without intervention. Check out my article in the Huffington Post for the complete list of immune serving interventions.

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Zion and Tracy jumping

The final piece of the campaign was an epiphany for me.

Thanksgiving weekend marked the end of the campaign. I had started this journey on the bathroom scale at the cottage in the middle of July. Now, mid October, the leaves are crimson, the air is cooler and I am ready for the reading. I am quite confident as I step up to the device that I have missed my mark.

For the wrap-up installment of the Campaign for Personal Power, check out the complete article in the Huffington Post.

Thank you all for your support!



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Coming off a summer of beautiful sunny weather, I couldn’t help but notice the few, but new sunspots on my hands. While I am careful about putting on natural sunscreen, the subtleties of aging are starting to creep in. (Worsened, in warp speed, by the lack or sleep provided by a newborn).

With health-friendly skin care products becoming an increasingly common reason for clients to book consultations, I thought that my own research and beauty routine would be a helpful addition to the campaign. #c4pp.

Before we delve into options related to skin care products, I can’t help but point out that comprehensive skin health starts on the inside. The tissue that forms the skin has the same embryological origins as your digestive system. The health of your digestion frequently mirrors the health of your skin. Don’t start investing time and money to treat your skin if you are simultaneously in denial related to the health of your diet and bowel movements. All digestive caveats aside, like most women, I like to try new things. Beauty products have an air of novelty about them and, like a pile of bookstore finds at your bedside; it is fun to line up new options beside the bathroom sink. With hundreds of products available to consumers, it is not always the ‘it’ brand that is worth sourcing, but rather, the ‘it’ website, responsible for vetting the ingredients for quality and reduced environmental burden. Skindeep.org is a favourite source, albeit American, to look up the ingredients and health effects of your beauty products.

We often say with food, that you are what you eat. I challenge that notion, preferring to think more specifically, that you are what you absorb. This applies equally to food and skincare products. I don’t care what any beauty expert tells you, studies show that your skin can and does absorb many of the ingredients present in beauty, or personal care products.

While there are some great options on the market, often the best solutions lack the complicated packaging and fanfare that comes with overly-hyped/expensive alternatives. My nighttime routine typically involves items that may already be present in your kitchen.

Gentle, anti-microbial cleaner: maneuka honey.

Subtle, but effective toner: Apple cider vinegar


Once per week exfoliant: Maneuka honey and sea salt

These very simple ingredients form the basis of my beauty routine. They work well for all skin types and are easily found at your local health food store. Maneuka honey, by the way, is an anti-bacterial floral honey from New Zeeland and Australia. It has very potent healing properties, especially on the skin. It is usually available according to a star or rating system. The higher the grade, the lesser the quantity of cheaper forms of honey used as filler. Stick to a gold or platinum rated honey for you skin.

While making you own beauty products may sounds like a fabulous Saturday afternoon for some, I appreciate that it is not for everyone. For those not inclined towards an arts and crafts approach to their beauty regime, here are a few of my favorite, current, beauty lines:

  1. Odacite – Clean, simple and beautifully packaged. Odacite prides themselves on natural ingredients and straight forward product lines.
  2. Ren – Free of additives and very comprehensive, Ren makes nice products, but not cheaply.
  3. Jane Iredale Make-up – I have been using this make-up for the past year and couldn’t be happier. For years I was a loyal follower of a big name department store brand and I was frustrated that my skin was never as healthy as I wanted it to be. I tried Jane Iredale make-up while visiting a spa in BC and was hooked. My skin has never been healthier.
  4. Juice Beauty – I have ordered this line for several years as a basic skin care option. It is reasonably priced and gluten-free.
  5. Body lotion – There really are so many to pick from, I just can’t keep track. Keep it simple. Try using just a small amount of coconut oil. That’s it, the same one that is in your cupboard. Simple eh?

Coconut Oil

For more information related to the health and safety of personal care products, check out the abundance of resources created by Toronto’s resident Ecohilic, Adria Vasil. In addition to her informative blog, Adria has an entire book dedicated to skin and beauty products. Get it. For a more personalized approach to your skin health, consider coming in for a quick consultation. We can review your goals and most importantly, how you are addressing your skin health from the inside out.

Share your beauty secrets below. I am always looking for new suggestions!

See you next week,



Yes, that is me driving a school bus!!

Yes, that is me driving a school bus.

Welcome to September!

No matter your age, there is something about September that gets everyone back on track. Whether you are headed back to school or the office, there is a reset and refocus that happens at the close of the labour day weekend.

The spirit of Back-to-School is embodied in the off-gassing of new binders, the promise of unspoiled pens and the uneasiness of a fresh haircut. There is excitement, commitment and an unrivaled desire to set the stage for the start of a new cycle of business or learning.

As we start down the final push towards the Thanksgiving deadline for the Campaign for Personal Power, I want to encourage all of you to write down your goals for the new school year. To help with this process, I have enlisted the perspective of IHI’s trusted counselor, Lauren Berger MSW, to provide an outline and reminder of how to set SMART goals.

S = Specific:  Having too general an idea of what you’d like to achieve (ie. “I want to lose weight.”  “I’d like to change careers.”) makes for too vague a goal. When deciding upon your goal, be specific. I will lose 10 pounds. I will find a new full-time job in marketing.  When you know exactly what you want, you can start finding your path to getting it.

M = Measurable: You should know when you’ve achieved your goal.  In what ways can you measure your success?  Using the example of weight loss, a scale can tell you if you’ve been dropping the pounds, and a tape measure can help you determine if you’ve lost inches.

A = Attainable:  So, how are you going to do this?!  Do you have the resources you need, such as access to great veggies and appropriate time to cook your own meals?  If you have the goal of running a 5K, do you have good running shoes?  A running buddy?  A few days a week that you can spend time training? Figure out what tools/support you need, and make sure you’ve got it!

R = Realistic:  If you’re hoping to lose 60 pounds in two weeks, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. Same deal if you think you’ll land the perfect new job after one internet job search. Make sure your goals are within the realm of possibility. Don’t forget, when you achieve one goal – what an amazing feeling! – you can set another.  Also, goals can change as you see them come to life; you may need to re-evaluate your needs and desires. Nothing is written in stone. Flexibility will help you reach your goal.

T = Timely:  Without a deadline, a goal may never get achieved. Sure, you may want to lose 10 pounds…. But over eight weeks? Six months?  Or… like… whenever? Having that deadline helps you stick to your plan and keeps you motivated.

And extra tip is to eliminate words like want – “I want to lose weight.”  The word want sends the message to your mind that this is something desirable but perhaps out of reach, or something that you may or may not actually do.  “I am going to lose weight” is much better language, and even serves as an affirmation. Bonus!

I am a big believer that when you declare and share your goals, you have a means and an audience to hold yourself accountable. I encourage you to share some of your Fall goals in the comment section below. You can be aiming for the stars or simply looking to get back into a routine. There is no goal too small. We will all cheer you on!

Special Offer

I believe that when people are well, they can change the world. If addressing your health is one of your goals (or a goal you have set for a friend or spouse), I want to help. If you or someone you love, books an intake appointment with me between now and Thanksgiving AND mentions the Campaign for Personal Power.  I will offer 10% off the regular intake fee. You can book appointments online at www.meghanwalker.com Follow up with an email, letting me know that you are interested in the #C4PP offer.

 My Goals for the fall of 2013:

  1. Maintain my current exercise regime of 3 runs per week and 2 yoga sessions
  2. Go to bed before 11:30pm
  3. Get into a routine in the morning. Up at 6:20. Exercise
  4. Call or text my mom at least every other day (she is so going to hold be accountable to this)
  5. Set 20 minutes aside for yourself every day. (If you don’t have 2 kids under 3 this may not seem like a lot of time, remember, it is all perspective)

Best of luck at school tomorrow,



I am quite sure no one noticed, but I took a break from the #c4pp.  The intention of chronicling my weekly plan to get back in shape, mentally and physically for the fall was nudged slightly off course with an overwhelming need to get to bed on time, a battle with the flu and a few sick kids. While I negated my commitment to my blog, I heeded my own advice and decided that staying up all night to write was not nearly as important as enjoying a well earned night’s rest. I was worried that I was letting people down by not living up to my commitment. I confirmed what I always tell my clients – in the end, no one will judge you for choosing your health over your job or your volunteer commitments. In fact they will probably feel relieved that they too are permitted, through your actions, to prioritize their health.

Getting back on track feels good. My head is a little clearer and my commitment is renewed. Motivating me, in addition to your emails, tweets and Facebook messages (which make a huge difference by the way) are web-based tools, playlists and books that nourish my soul, challenge my mind and organize my day. I thought I would share some of my favourites with you.

Motivating/Educational Reads

UnDiet By Meghan Telpner – This has been a handy book over the past few months. Meghan is a nutritionist with a passion for transforming your life. Think of UnDiet as the manual for an 8-week version of the Campaign for Personal Power.

Ecoholic By Adria Vasil – Toronto’s resident voice of progressive yet achievable environmentalism has a handy book called Ecoholic. It contains everything you will need or want to know about how to lessen your impact on the planet.

Salt, Sugar, Fat: How the Food Giant’s Hooked Us By Michael Moss – NYT Best Selling Author, Michael Moss is about to tell you everything you didn’t want to know about processed food. Denial is not bliss, it is atherosclerosis.

Favourite (free) Apps

Map My Run – I used to love this website until I discovered the app. This handy little program lets you record your route, monitor your goals and view recommended runs/walks in your neighborhood. The friendly voice interrupts your playlist to remind you every 10 minutes how far you have traveled and your split times. (oh man it is good to be running again – especially with this little pearl)

Relax Melodies – An amazing little app filled with hundreds of relaxing sound mixes. It puts small children to sleep. Download this App!

Nozbe – Keeping track of my to do list is a never-ending chore. This is a great app that let’s you divide your To Do lists by projects, set deadlines and sync between all mobile devices.

Grocery Gateway – Yes I order my groceries. I spend less because I remove the capacity for impulse buying. The free app makes grocery shopping even easier while on the go.

Evernote – Keep track of everything that is going on in your life. Paste photos, websites and blog posts in one handy place… and yes, it will sync between devices.

Move-Mountain Playlists

Back in the 90s there was no greater way of showing your friends you cared about them than by making them a mixed tape. In the spirit of motivation, getting back on track and interesting new resources, I thought I would share with you a motivational mixed tape made just for you and the #c4pp.

Click here for your own #c4pp playlist. I made it just for you with care.

Let’s see how far we have come, shall we.

  1. Breakfast shakes with protein, green leafy items such as kale and now, our daily multi-vitamin.
  2. Daily exercise. For me, right now, this includes Joga and walking. I am hoping to start running again in September.
  3. Two lunch options, Lemon Lunch Chick Pea Salad and Kale Tahini salad
  4. A regular regime of basic supplements.
  5. 2L of water per day
  6. A re-prioritization of time and energy for those things that really matter.
  7. Pulling together the programs and Apps that make my life easier.

 My Goals for the week of August 19th

Food & Nutrients

I need a quick snack other than goat cheese. These are a family favourite and super easy. Raw Energy Balls


Joga x 2

Running x3

10 Push-ups everyday. (My friend Andrew starting doing push-ups and abs everyday. It motivated me – so I thought I would try it to.) I am adding 2 per week.

Body Composition

Getting better. Last week I tried on a pair of pre-pregnancy shorts and was even able to leave the house– as long as I didn’t try to sit down.


I am looking to hear what motivates you. I love to listen to music in the morning, and could use some new suggestions for my next playlist. Share your music suggestions in the comment section below, on twitter or Facebook. Be sure to use the hashtag #c4pp

Liking the Campaign for Personal Power? (#c4pp). Send me some love through Facebook. Like my page to show your support.

Best of luck this week and I look forward to seeing you next week.


Campaign 4 Personal Power
Week 4 – Giving Up

My brain is a funny, busy place. Constantly on the go, life in the last week has been particularly hectic, even by my standards. Understanding the need to create a sense of balance, I have made note of certain metrics that alert me to my state of stress. A gifted sleeper, restless sleep is rarely a first line indication that things are getting out of control. That would be just too normal. Nope, for me, the first sign is that my mind is racing and my adrenals are working overtime is that the Super Mario Brother’s theme song starts to play in my head… on warped speed. It has been a recurrent theme since I have been six years old and it has never failed to remind that I need to take a few deep breaths.

The very fact that I am writing this post on Wednesday versus Sunday night is a tribute to my dedication to this week’s challenge, giving up! Giving up you say? No, I am not ending the #c4pp prematurely. Instead, this week I am making difficult decisions, getting focused, re-prioritizing and letting go of those things that are making noise (bad Nintendo music) in my life. Family priorities, career demands and an unexpected trip to the hospital (she is fine), has reminded me of the need to eliminate those things in my life that are taking more from my limited pool than they are providing in return. In this sense, in the spirit of re-prioritization, I am giving up. The things I am letting go of are not small. They are contributions that have fueled the core of who I am, my ego, and my passions. However, in the grand scheme of things, they are also taking away the most precious commodity I possess, time.

We have all seen variations on this exercise before and it is somthing I encourage my patients to complete when they want to get focused. Try it, it is simple, enlightening and it cuts to the point.

With the limited time you have in the day, list the 4 most important priorities in your life.
1. Family
2. Career (Naturopathic practice & Bright Almond, curious?)
3. Health (exercise and sleep)
4. Relationships

With the limited time you have in the day, list those things that are taking the greatest amount of time.
1. Family
2. Career
3. Volunteer board work
4. Health (Distant 4th)

It was tough, but I made the decision to cut something deeply important. Despite the deep level of satisfaction I derived from being involved, my volunteer work was noisily preventing me from focusing on my current list of priorities. It has been a week now and what started as an overwhelming feeling of sadness has morphed into a state of relief, release and peace. It was the right decision. How do I know? Because I haven’t heard from Super Mario Brothers since.

Let’s see how far we have come, shall we.
1. Breakfast shakes with protein, green leafy items such as kale and now, our daily multi-vitamin.
2. Daily exercise. For me, right now, this includes Joga and walking. I am hoping to start running again in September.
3. Two lunch options, Lemon Lunch Chick Pea Salad and Kale Tahini salad
4. A regular regime of basic supplements.
5. 2L of water per day
6. A re-prioritization of time and energy for those things that really matter.

My Goals for the week of July 29th

Food & Nutrients
Boom! 2L of water, that was easy. I feel amazing with that simple little change. This week I am going to try to replace salty snacks wit vegetables. Bye bye organic corn chips, hello cucumbers and hummus.

Joga x 3
Paddle boarding x 2

Body Composition
Weight: down a total of 5lbs (I think the extra water made a big difference last week)


Make your list! Where are you spending your time? How does this align with your priorities?
Share your new lists in the comment section below, on twitter or Facebook. Be sure to share your goals and recipes using the hashtag #c4pp

Liking the Campaign for Personal Power? (#c4pp). Send me some love through Facebook. Like my page to show your support.

Best of luck this week and I look forward to seeing you online.


Campaign 4 Personal Power
Week 3 – Energy

We often tell people that 3 weeks is the magic number to make change in your life. Get up early for 3 weeks and you will never hit snooze again, incorporate kale for three weeks and it will become a staple, work out for 3 weeks, and well, you get the picture. This arbitrary alignment to 3 weeks of habit formation is apparently the result of something “they” have been studying for years. While I am not up to date on the neuronal re-programming that takes place in conjunction with the 3-week habit-forming phenomenon, I do know that if I can get someone to stick to things for 3 weeks, we should be starting to see some sort of change in their life. Whether it is diet, exercise or sleep, new habit formation requires a considerable energetic commitment on physical, mental and emotional levels. When people come back to my office unable or challenged to have made important lifestyle changes, I usually step back and evaluate what we need to do to address their need for energy. The irony of changing your life so that you are healthier and able to engage more energetically is that, well, it takes energy to commit and make the changes. Without sleep and sufficient nutrition, committing to the hard work involved in changing your life will be an uphill battle.

People often ask whether I think we can get all of our nutritional (energetic) needs from food. Despite my disappointment in my own response, the answer is no. When fruits and vegetables are ripened on a truck they are less nutritionally dense then if they are ripened and grown locally. When food is grown locally, we are contending with inconsistent mineralization of soil. This argument leaves me erring on the side of caution by recommending, not that we avoid vegetables all together, but that we add some additional nutritional foundation to our daily regime. I have recently gone through a revolt of sorts when it comes to supplements; I am sick of taking them. For years, and especially during my pregnancy, I was diligent about ensuring that I tool my supplements on a daily basis. 6-10 pills later I was loaded in what I considered a foundational array of nutrients. The problem for me and the problem for many of you, was that over time, we were just not sticking to our programs (despite feeling amazing). The result of my own lack of compliance was the creation and launch of my own line of supplements. Loaded in the optimal forms of absorbable nutrients, I combined my favourite elements of some of my most prescribed products into a single, powdered multi-vitamin. With a few easy changes, I have gone from 6-10 pills per day into a nice tidy protocol. While everyone will have different requirements for their health and conditions, here is the summary of what I take on a daily basis to keep my energy sky high.

Meghan Walker, Multi-vitamin

Supplement Regime AM:
1 tsp Ascenta Fish Oil (Straight-up, not in my shake. This is a personal preference)
½ tsp Up Multi-Vitamin (I usually put it directly in my shake)****

Supplement Regime PM:
1 Tbsp (500mg) calcium citrate (not to be taken close to any other medication or supplements)

**** I have avoided needing to include extra B-vitamins, iron and vitamin D because I put sufficient amounts into the multi-vitamin when it was formulated. For men, or those not needing extra iron, I have also created a powdered multi-vitamin called Nourish.

So let’s consolidate the last 3 weeks of habit forming into one easy list. For those of you who have been following along, here is what we have accomplished so far.

1. Breakfast shakes with protein, green leafy items such as kale and now, our daily multi-vitamin.
2. Daily exercise. For me, right now, this includes Joga and walking. I am hoping to start running again in September.
3. Two lunch options, Lemon Lunch Chick Pea Salad and Kale Tahini salad (new this week.) Check out this recipe and other from raw food guru, Angela Liddon.
4. A regular regime of basic supplements.

Kale Salad

My Goals for the week of July 8th

Food & Nutrients:
Normally water consumption is easy for me, but not lately. My goal, this week, is to include at least three, 800mL Kleen Kanteen water bottles per day (2400mL).

Joga x 3
1 hour walk (with stroller and assorted, heavy paraphernalia below) x 2

Body Composition & Strength Goals:
I somehow managed to avoid the scale all week. So while I don’t have a number to report, I can say that I am definitely getting stronger. Each week Joga feels, less and less, like a form or ancient Ayurvedic torture.
Strength goal: 1 chin-up

While perhaps much more light-hearted than the motivational references I shared over the last two posts, I thought I would provide something a little lighter as we all push through the hottest days of summer.

A special shout-out to my friend Jon Ages and his site, Blood Sweat and Cheers. This poster is part of their series called Motivational Mondays.


Follow along for recipes, photos, the good and the bad through Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to share your goals and recipes using the hashtag #c4pp

Best of luck this week and I look forward to seeing you online.