Welcome! I'm Meghan.

I believe that we are all more productive in fulfilling our life’s work when our health is available at a moment’s notice. We all have big plans, children to raise and a mark to leave on the world. I believe in removing or mitigating the obstacles to good health and in living an authentic, purpose-driven life. I treat people not conditions. Join me, we are about to take your health and your purpose to a whole new level.


As published earlier this week in the Huffington Post

In my walk through the woods long ago, I chose the road less travelled. At first it was bumpy, over-grown and scarcely populated. People who noticed my path, smiled and whispered to one another – invariably they felt my choice was ill informed. The rest of the world was building a super-highway, straight through the forest; clearly that was the faster and more innovative form of transportation.

Alejandro Junger wrote a book called Clean Gut. In it, he described the skill of his childhood gardener. “He never worried about the leaves” Junger explained, “my gardener was always concerned about the roots.” When you address the roots, you needn’t be painting the [...]

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