Welcome! I'm Meghan.

I believe that we are all more productive in fulfilling our life’s work when our health is available at a moment’s notice. We all have big plans, children to raise and a mark to leave on the world. I believe in removing or mitigating the obstacles to good health and in living an authentic, purpose-driven life. I treat people not conditions. Join me, we are about to take your health and your purpose to a whole new level.

Warren Buffet Diet

Don’t listen to Warren Buffet. Well, maybe consider his wealth management strategies, but please, for the love of your long-term health, ignore anything this man has to say about your diet. On Monday, the 85-year old Chairman of Berkshire-Hathaway, a principle investor in Coca-Cola, shared that his happiness from drinking soda outweighs his enjoyment from consuming fruits and vegetables. “I elect to get my 2600 or 2700 calories per day from foods that makes me feel good” said the renowned tycoon at his company’s annual meeting. Buffet’s comments were echoed by his 92 year-old vice chairman, Charles Munger. Munger suggested that people are making a “ghastly error” in avoiding cola as a significant and helpful source of hydration. God help us. […]

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