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I believe that we are all more productive in fulfilling our life’s work when our health is available at a moment’s notice. We all have big plans, children to raise and a mark to leave on the world. I believe in removing or mitigating the obstacles to good health and in living an authentic, purpose-driven life. I treat people not conditions. Join me, we are about to take your health and your purpose to a whole new level.


I treat a lot of people who are managing  stress. Busy careers, kids, parents, goals – they are all balls in the air that require your attention. The balls are plentiful and important. As I explore the sources of one’s stress, there is one cause that I find both recurrent and infuriating; workplace bullying. This is not a one-time event. It is pervasive. If you are in a leadership position, you need to be aware of the profound impact this may having on your team. If you are a victim of workplace bullying, you need to read the wisdom of Seth Godin, outlined below.

Thank, as usual for your wisdom Seth Godin…

Bullies can’t be bullies when they are alone.

If you work with a bully, this is all [...]

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