Welcome! I'm Meghan.

I believe that we are all more productive in fulfilling our life’s work when our health is available at a moment’s notice. We all have big plans, children to raise and a mark to leave on the world. I believe in removing or mitigating the obstacles to good health and in living an authentic, purpose-driven life. I treat people not conditions. Join me, we are about to take your health and your purpose to a whole new level.

Roasted Rosemary Holidays Veggies

The Holidays: They bring us together with family and friends, allow us to take a break from our regular 9 to 5’s to sit back, relax and dream about all the amazing things we are going to accomplish in the coming new year. But if there is one thing that the holidays don’t typically bring, it’s colour. I’m not talking about the reds, greens and golds we decorate our homes and Christmas trees with. I’m talking about the colours that are often missing from our holiday dinner plates. It’s something I like to call “The Holiday Hues of Beige”.

Take a minute and envision a typical holiday dinner. Turkey (beige), mashed potatoes (white/beige), gravy (brown/beige), stuffing (golden beige), buns (beige/white) and […]

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